Marutswa Forest Trail and Boardwalk

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So where do YOU go to my lovely?
60’s chart topper Peter Sarstedt gets a taste of the TreeRoutes projects in the KZN Midlands.

Video Update - Paragliding over Marutswa Forest, Bulwer
See our latest videos of paragliding and motor-paragliding.

Have you had a look at our exciting new Brochure?
View, Download, Save and Print. Get your free copy here.

A must see video clip of Marutswa Forest Trail and Boardwalk.
Reichenau School children go on a forest adventure with local Bird Guide Simphiwe Dumakade.

Fun new maps of Marutswa Forest trails and Bulwer Village.
Trails include Contour Trail, Tanglewood Detour, View Top Loop and Terrace Traverse. Get your free copy here.

Essential Forests
Forests are essential to a healthy environment, sustaining vital plants and wildlife, filtering water and air, and reducing greenhouse gases by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Cape Parrot Count 2010 -  8th - 9th May
Cape Parrot Count 2010 is the  thirteenth Cape Parrot Big Birding Day. To help count the Bulwer Parrots in and around Marutswa please contact Russell Hill 039 832 0053 or to help count parrots in any other area of South Africa  please contact Prof. Colleen T. Downs.
School of Biological & Conservation Sciences
University of KwaZulu-Natal,
Tel: +27-33-2605127/04 (w)

Children’s easter egg hunts at the Forest. 2nd - 5th April (Easter weekend)
Booking essential. Further details from Cathy 0725977381 or

Splashy Fen Music festival 1st - 5th April

The New Indigenous nursery at Marutswa Forest
Marutswa’s new indigenous nursery features a carefully chosen selection of very affordable indigenous and hardy plants to encourage gardeners to plant for the planet, by choosing to fill their garden with colour and beauty with non alien species.

Birders and community soar with new aerial forest boardwalk
For birders, the newly opened Marutswa Aerial Boardwalk near the KwaZulu-Natal village of Bulwer is a place of delight and discovery. But it’s also a superb example of how conservation and economic development can work in harmony.
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